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There is no denying the benefits of having a pet dog in the young community. But modern young people have a very busy life with all kinds of things. Which is going to work, extra classes, friends, family …

Properly understanding how to take care of dogs will make the tributes of many young people less cluttered. If you are a young dog lover and you are feeling that you are not having enough time to take care of your dog, this article is for you.

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Learn how to take care of dogs

This is Hoa, Hoa is 24 years old. Working as an office worker for a fashion company in Hanoi. Hoa has a 6-month-old Poodle.

The origin of this dog is because Hoa saw this dog “chill” too, so always carry home without thinking too much. In fact, before bringing the dog home, Hoa had to understand quite well how to take care of this animal.

Factors such as nutritious food, clean water, environment, time … are all things that a Chinese dog needs. Taking care of a dog is a big task and should not be taken lightly.

Here are four key elements and how to allocate time to the States. Just like the young people are facing the same situation. Can be used for reference.

How to take care of dogs on nutrition

A consistent daily meal time for dogs is another factor to keep in mind. This will not only help you allocate more time for your dog to eat better. It also helps with your dog training .

Usually with large dogs, you only need to feed them 2 meals a day. This way, you can allocate time for your dog to eat in the morning before work and in the evening after work. However, you need to pay attention to feeding the dog a suitable amount of food.

Do not give too much nor should give too much to avoid leftover food situation during the day. At the same time, the amount of water should also be met daily.

And you should also feed your dog quality nutritious food. If you buy dog ​​food, pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging. Good food should contain only meat.

Not a cereal or a by-product of meat. If you do not know what to choose for dog food, consult your veterinarian . They will help you figure out what food is right for your dog.

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Should dogs eat human food?

The answer is you can feed the dog, but you should feed him less. If they are overly fed, they may gain weight or have health problems.

You should only give your dog snacks while training. Many dogs will show a pitiful face to you, if you don’t feed them. However, be strong and follow your principles.

There are many foods that not only harm your dog but are also dangerous to their health. Absolutely do not give chocolate , butter, bread flour, raisins, grapes, onions, or xylitol, a calorie-free sweetener.

Hygiene for dogs

Many dogs have such an adorable appearance that you want to faint. It is also because the owner is diligent in taking care of the coat and keeping it clean. Always want to give them the best look.

Especially for long-haired dog breeds such as Poodle , Golden, Long-haired Chihuahua … the care of the fur is even more necessary.

The frequency of grooming your dog will vary depending on the breed and its level of shedding. Brushing regularly will help reduce the risk of hair loss.

And further in the process of brushing, you can detect their illnesses, for example, lice and skin diseases. If your dog is suffering from excessive hair loss, you can buy a hair loss shower gel at pet stores and supermarkets.

Or veterinary hospitals now have PetShop to serve the needs of customers. Bathe your dog once a week until alopecia is alleviated. How to train poodle to defecate in the right place you need to know.

Hygiene for the coat

Dirty dog ​​hair can make dogs infected, especially skin diseases . So take a bath with a mild bath oil. Dogs usually only need to shower once a month. But may vary depending on variety and frequency of operation.

If your dog’s coat is too long, you may want to consider taking him to Grooming / Spa shops for dogs and cats to trim his fur. Long hair will irritate the toes, or obstruct a dog’s vision.

And with that, be sure to clip them too long. This seemingly simple job, but actually not. You need to cut slowly and slowly to avoid hurting the dog.

Cutting into the nail marrow will hurt the dog and will make him strongly opposed when you later cut his nails. If inexperienced, take your pet dog to the Spa for a manicure.

With young people, sometimes entangled in work, can not take dogs to Spa. That wait until the holidays, the Spa often crowded, will have to wait long.

Another solution is to consider using the home shuttle service of the Spa, the hospital … Or send the dog at the Spa until you return from work. That would be much more convenient.

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Take care of your dog for health

This is probably a problem that many young people care about. If you have a pet dog, they are sick, you probably won’t be assured. So, find a reputable veterinary hospital to take your pet dog to regular checkups.

It sounds ridiculous but very convincing. Just like humans, if you take your dog for a routine health check , you can detect their illnesses early and treat them promptly. Do not wait until they are seriously ill to take them to the vet .

Sometimes there will be no chance for cure. And do not worry too much about the cost of regular health checkups. Only with 0 you can examine them okay. But in the following articles I will reveal it!

Full vaccination and deworming for dogs

The vaccines you should vaccinate dogs are 7 vaccines, 5 vaccines and rabies vaccine. Depending on your pet’s age and economy, you can choose the appropriate vaccine. Care whether dogs have diarrhea or not?

Also should deworming dog once every 3 months for puppies over 6 months of age, and dogs less than 6 months 1 month once a month, to ensure they are always clean.

Consider buying the medication yourself if you have the skills. Or use a home doctor service .

Therefore you should not be too strict with your dog at this age. Please keep calm!

Sterilization for dogs

This step works to minimize the risk of health disorders, such as breast cancer (if sterilized before the second dog is born) and uterus in the female dog. Prevent aggression and prostate disease in male dogs.

This is also the responsibility you need to take, as this will reduce signs of unwanted dog pregnancy . And booming number of pets.

Train your dog’s health

You should arrange the amount of time to operate depending on your breed. Small breeds are often tired after catching a ball. While Labrador retrievers need plenty of walking, at least 30-45 minutes twice a day to burn energy.

In addition, the shaggy dog ​​usually has a characteristic of being active but never knows what it is. They can run and jump all day without getting tired.

With limited time, you can take them for a short walk twice a day in the morning before work and in the evening when returning from work. It could also be a long walk in the evening. Depending on how you arrange your time.

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