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Dogs are one of the most independent reproductive pets. However, for ornamental dogs, domestic dogs, their wildness and instinct have faded. It would be much better, if the owners mastered how to take care of pregnant dogs.

If so, the dog will recover quickly after pregnancy. In addition, puppies will be healthier and safer. If you do not know how to take care, refer to us through the article below.

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Pregnant Time Of Dog

In the old days, our old people used the saying: “A woman is 9 months and 10 days pregnant, and cats and dogs are 2 days and 10 days.” The fact is also true.

The average gestation period is 58 to 62 days, possibly earlier or up to 65 days. Like all mammals, a few months after the puppy is born, the mother will feed and care for the puppies, with the help of other family members, at this time the mother will become should be aggressive. (Source: wikipedia)

This pregnancy is calculated from the date of conception. If you are proactive in breeding your dog. Count from the date of insemination, plus 1 day. For large breeds, the dog’s pregnancy may be shorter than the smaller breed. And the fewer babies there are, the longer the dog’s pregnancy .

A lot of customers ask us: how many months does the dog give birth? How many months pregnant dog give birth? How many months pregnant dog is pregnant? How many months pregnant dog give birth? How many months pregnant dog give birth? How many months pregnant dog ? The most accurate answer is to take them to cat and dog care hospitals for inspection.

These services diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound or x-ray can answer this problem. Ultrasound service is the most popular. Through the test results, we will know how many months pregnant the dog is and the health condition of the offspring.

Note that after 25 days of pregnancy, the ultrasound can evaluate the results. X-rays are used as an additional measure, to accurately calculate the amount of puppies in the abdomen. By counting the number of backbones, the x-ray service tells the dog about 95% accuracy.

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Signs, Complications When Pregnant Dog

When dogs are pregnant , there will be significant changes, from the external body shape, to the attitude, personality, actions … All you notice a little bit, you will immediately recognize it.

The most common way to identify pregnant dogs is by observing body changes. The simplest way to identify this is through the nipple and abdomen.

There will be a dramatic change in the nipple and abdomen of the dog. The mother’s nipple will be hard and pink and visible. This is an early development of the mammary gland, which is intended for puppy feeding. In the abdomen, the sign of a pregnant dog is getting bigger, fuller and heavier.

In addition, a change in personality or behavior is also a sign that dogs are pregnant . The change in physical condition makes their ability to eat and drink reduced. Imagine the time of morning sickness in humans.

Manifest pregnancy is to eat less but more meals in a day. Plus, they like the tranquility and warmth. Some will burrow into seclusion alone. Others hang around the owner and like to be petted and pampered

Note that the signs of a pregnant dog mentioned above are only estimates. Usually, after 30 days of pregnancy, these signs of pregnancy dogs become more pronounced. If not for experience, take to the veterinary clinic to get accurate conclusions. Dog diarrhea is also a condition that owners should be concerned about.

False Pregnant Dog Phenomenon

There are two types of fake pregnancy in dogs. One type is created by owners. That is, you want your dog to give birth so much, to imagine the signs of dog pregnancy .

In fact, signs of a pregnant dog such as “harden breasts” or “pink nipples” have been around since the time the dog was in heat. A bigger belly may be because your dog is overeating.

After mating, most bitches have a physiological change. But not every breeding is successful. It takes about 25 to 30 days to breed for you to be able to confirm whether you are pregnant or  not.

The second false pregnancy is a menstrual disorder in bitches. To be more precise, reduce the Hormone Progestoron and increase Prolactin. This pathology creates many obvious signs of pregnancy in dogs , but in fact, the uterus does not have a fetus.

This phenomenon even occurs in dogs that do not mate. Even the mother dog was also tricked by his body and found his own nest. The mother’s mammary glands can in fact express milk. After about 60 days of mating, the dog also lay in bed and groaned like he was about to give birth.

This phenomenon is more common in abortion dogs. As soon as this is found, contact the vet immediately. This is a pathology requiring the intervention of veterinary medicine and specialists.

Manifestations Of The Coming Dog

If your dog has been subjected to an ultrasound before, you probably have estimated your dog’s delivery. If not, rely on the signs below

A few days before birth, the dog’s milk gland has developed markedly and there is a phenomenon of lactation. Observed outside, the “pregnant belly” has movement, visible to the naked eye. Pregnant dogs begin to drive more often. See signs of restlessness, anxiety, and anxiety.

Around 24 hours before birth, they will appear to stop eating, shortness of breath. The frequency of defecation is also higher (like diabetes). There is drainage from the vulva of the pregnant dog . Dogs that get too full will have mild vomiting

At the time of labor, the dog will scream more and more aggressively. This is exactly the same as the process of labor in humans. Their breathing increased. Heart rate is also faster.

If the amniotic fluid comes out and the puppy has not yet come out, contact the veterinarian. This is a sign of difficulty in a dog’s birth. It may be because the mother dog is not capable of giving birth or the fetus is reverse. If handled slowly, it may cause puppy death.

Complications And Signs Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the phenomenon of giving birth when less than 1 month of pregnancy. Note that, if there is no pregnancy, the dog’s belly is naturally smaller, it is not a pregnancy or miscarriage. In fact, less than 1 month of pregnancy, dog belly is not too big.

Premature birth is a phenomenon of pregnancy when more than 1 month of pregnancy. Usually, pregnant dogs prefer to replicate the placenta (including normal or preterm birth). But these are not good for its digestive system. Intervene as soon as this situation arises.

When the mother dog is giving birth, the puppy gets ½ away from the body but after a few minutes and still doesn’t come out, you can support them. Quickly pull the puppy out from top to bottom, from front to back.

Closer and closer to birth, the mother dog must be closely monitored, avoiding childbirth and abandonment without the owner knowing. It is best to fully prepare medical equipment and disinfectant bandages after 2 months of pregnancy.

Reproduction Cycle Of Dogs

Many people do not know how long dogs give birth . Dogs become in heat after about 6 months of age. Large dogs may start later, around 12 months of age. In return, their life expectancy is longer and the dog’s pregnancy cycle is sometimes shorter.

The signs of bitches coming to heat are the genitals and nipples are swollen, the vulva is swollen with mucus, viscous discharge from the vagina, you can see a few drops of blood about to menstruate … about 3-5 days of massive blood flow, unable to lick in time, the wire fell to the floor. This is why non-breeding dogs want to sterilize female dogs (Wikipedia source)

Remember, dogs can reproduce soon after the first estrus period, but preferably in the second or third period. Just like when we were puberty at 13 years old, we should have children after 18 or 20 years old.

Naturally, giving birth too late is not good for dogs. For small dogs, the dog’s conception should stop after 3 years of age. For large dog breeds, this may take longer, after 6 years.

How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Dog

Taking care of a pregnant dog has never been that simple. Even experienced professionals are unlikely to perform the best. Some dog breeds require special care, otherwise the puppy’s mortality rate is very high.

The top two things to consider are the diet and the environment. If possible, get an ultrasound of a pregnant dog and get advice from a doctor. To be able to know how the developing fetus?

The first 30 days are most likely to cause miscarriage, special attention is needed. But the difficult thing is that the symptoms of a pregnant dog have not appeared at this time. Even using diagnostic methods does not give 100% results.

If you are proactive in putting your dog for mating. Just treat it as a dog you’re pregnant and take good care of it. Because maybe they are pregnant, why.

When dogs get pregnant, their mood is very unstable. Create a private, closed and quiet environment. Avoid letting them exercise hard. You can take them for a walk or have fun with them. Be careful of pregnant dogs bleeding .

Nutrition For Pregnant Dogs

Just like in humans, pregnant dogs also have their own diet. During the first month of pregnancy, foods high in calcium should be supplemented.

If the dog does not eat , anorexic, tired during this period, do not worry. This is very normal. If the condition is too long (1 week or more), please go to the pet hospital to check.

In the second trimester (30 to 45 days), add iron to the menu for pregnant dogs . Iron is important in the production and regeneration of blood.

If you have knowledge about pregnancy care in humans. You will find this is very normal. Pregnant animals lose a lot of blood to produce their offspring.

The next moment, you can invest more. Buy specialized foods for pregnant dogs, milk for pregnant dogs if the economy is abundant. This is very close to labor. Energy is more important than ever for the mother dog.

Note, if you want to take vitamins and minerals directly, like taking or injecting … You need to consult your doctor before doing.

We recommend that you use foods high in calcium, not calcium supplements. Any medication taken or injected at this time must be checked by a doctor.

Pregnant Dog Should Take A Bath

As recommended by many Grooming experts, do not bathe for pregnant dogs. Instinctively, dogs will shake to push water out of their coat. This has a significant effect on their lower abdomen.

Regular and strong abdominal movements will affect the inside fetus. In addition, the dog’s psychology is very unstable. They can slip during cleaning (if bathing in a tub or slippery toilet).

They may not allow you to clean your lower abdomen. They can attack you when you’re stressed or scared. Prepare a large towel to dry the dog after bathing. Dogs are often afraid of loud noises, emanating from different types of indoor dryers.

If you have a dedicated dryer, let it be air-conditioned and slowly dry it. Wet hairs can cause many skin and parasitic diseases, especially hot and humid seasons. Make sure your dog is clean after bathing.

New Dog Care

Nutrition and habitat are still the two top concerns at this time. When the newborn is born, the mother dog is very weak and cannot move far. Keep food close to the dog’s nest, within its reach.

Sometimes the dog refuses to eat after giving birth , but not much. The initial food intake may be small, but will increase at a dizzying pace. With proper care for the newborn dog, the mother dog can consume up to 4 times more food after birth.

Keeping dogs away from strangers and all other animals is the best way to breed puppies . Newborn puppies are very weak, very vulnerable. Even animals of the same species can be dangerous to each other. On the other hand, this also makes the dog feel more comfortable.

Motherhood will make them very aggressive. The mother dog can attack you if she deems it necessary for the puppies. If you have children in your home, pay close attention. The hyperactivity of the children combined with the vigilance of the mother dog always carries a lot of risks.

How To Feed A New Puppy

During the newborn period, let the dog do everything. Do not interfere too deeply in dog life now. Before the puppy is completely weaned, do not give any newborn milk . Daily weighting of puppies is a golden spot in how to breed puppies. Watch for signs of disease.

Pay attention to the temperature balance when caring for puppies . A newborn dog does not have the ability to regulate itself. In the early days, puppies were usually in the same nest as their mother.

The simple thing you need to do is provide a reasonable heat source right next to the litter. The smart way to take care of a newborn puppy , by keeping the room temperature at 30 -32 degrees Celsius, you can wear short-sleeved clothes.

Attention, raising newborn puppies has a lot of potential risks of disease. Including diseases that cause high death rates in dogs. There are diseases that cause a high rate of transmission to humans that you could not predict.

Contact your doctor and get them vaccinated as soon as possible. Before and after handling puppies, you should clean your hands. Apply this to all other dog visitors.

How To Take Care Of A New Born Puppy Without A Mother

If the mother dog unfortunately loses after childbirth, we sincerely condolence with you. On the other hand, you need to be well prepared for taking care of the newborn puppies . This is hard work, requiring dedication, especially the first 2 weeks

At first, they need to be taken care of 24 hours a day. You may need to take time off from home to look after them, as puppies need constant care for the first 2 weeks. (Source:

Milk for newborn puppies  is the first thing to buy, to replace the source of breast milk. To choose the best milk, you should consult with the veterinary hospital, or from dog sellers, or dog and cat food stores themselves.

Usually, the formula is milk, mixed with boiling water when needed (similar to the formula for infants). Never give cow or goat milk puppy. They are not good for puppy development.

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