Many people have kept dogs for a long time, but still do not know anything about how to take care of a pregnant dog . With regard to any animal, pregnant period is the most sensitive stage, the most vulnerable.

If you are a psychological owner, you should find out about this issue. If you have the economic conditions, you should ultrasound the dog at least once and get advice from the doctors.

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Basic Pregnant Dog Care

To be able to give birth safely, attention should be paid to two main issues: nutrition and living environment. If these two problems are not guaranteed, the possibility of miscarriage can be completely crushed.

In the event that a pregnant dog has abnormal vaginal bleeding . Please contact your doctor immediately to avoid abortion.

Pregnancy means that the mother dog needs to support herself and the “herd” in the womb. Naturally, the amount of dog nutrition needed to increase. The two most important substances are calcium and iron. In particular, iron supplements blood for the mother. And calcium is necessary for both mother and child. Pay attention to increase in moderation and science, supplementing essential substances for “pregnant women”. (Head of surgery – Dr. Tommy Cer )

The best way to take care of a pregnant dog is to create a private space away from other animals, including other dogs. At first, it may be mild exercise, but strict training should be limited at this time.

Attention When Taking Care Of Pregnant Dog

Note that the nutritional needs change gradually by month of birth. You need to know the start date to work out the correct care plan. During pregnancy should avoid cases where the dog has a cold , dogs vomit worms or dogs have shed their hair , ..

If your dog is an active mating dog (you know the mating date) then the first day of pregnancy is the date of mating plus 1. If not, taking the dog for ultrasound is the only solution.

Nutrition For Pregnant Dogs

From the first 1-30 days: Need to adjust the menu for pregnant dogs , paying attention to adding calcium to the diet and milk. During this time, it is normal for pregnant dogs to skip eating , just like morning sickness in humans.

Sometimes even the phenomenon of fatigue and lethargy. However, this period of anorexia lasts only about 1 week. If it is longer, please take it to the vet for exact check.

From 35 – 45 next days: pregnancy symptoms will appear markedly at this time. Not only change their appearance, attitude and behavior. This is the time to increase nutrition for pregnant dogs , especially iron supplements.

Iron is a very important substance in the process of hematopoiesis. This period of time the dog is most likely to have a miscarriage, which requires special attention. If you see a pregnant dog with bleeding, take it to the vet immediately.

From 45 onwards: can supplement foods specifically for pregnant dogs. Depending on the dog breed and the specific condition, even the number of children, the regime will be different.

You should consult your veterinarian (when you take your dog for ultrasound ) or a dog or cat food business. Milk should be prepared for pregnant dogs at delivery, before or after labor.

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Pregnant Dog Should Take A Bath

The dog’s instinct is to shake his body to shed water in his coat, after bathing or getting wet. This has a significant effect on the cubs in the abdomen. Minimize the bathing of pregnant dogs . Prioritize dry bath methods for your dog.

However, there is another method to solve this problem. That is if the dog is very dirty, you should bring to spa or Grooming services.

If you want to bathe yourself for a “pregnant” mother, please take care of pregnant dog care. Avoid unwanted situations.

  1. Must prepare all furniture: towels, bath oil, anti-slip sheets … like when not pregnant. Should prepare more bonus cake to lure dogs.
  2. Must reassure the pregnant woman before proceeding. Take a bath in the space or shower and try to act as usual. Do not let your dog feel anything different.
  3. Gently manipulate as much as possible. Can talk or cuddle them during the shower.
  4. Avoid contact with the dog’s abdomen when moving into the bath (if applicable).
  5. Dry naturally after the bath is finished, limiting your dog to shaking or drying his hair.

Above is the most necessary information when looking after “pregnant dog”.

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