Most professional dog breeds are large and very aggressive. The process of training a professional dog takes a lot of time, effort and is quite dangerous .

In this article, we only share the specific training, which can be applied at home. If you need a professional-looking professional dog, such as in criminal films, check out our training service soon.

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How to Train a Professional Dog

Before we begin, we would like to remind you of some essential information such as:

Working dogs are dogs that have been selected and trained to perform assigned tasks, including those used in security, defense and civilian tasks (Source: wikipedia )

If you are an ordinary dog ​​owner, you do not need to train your dog to the point of being too professional. In fact, you only need a dog capable of keeping the house and protecting the owner. Check out other dog training lessons

Aggression is an instinctive part of dogs, especially large dogs. But in order to train an attacking dog, the instructor sometimes has to stimulate this personality to develop. Even professional dog training experts can be injured.

3 Steps Training For Professionals At Home

The most common common dog training exercises are:

  • Teach sniffing dogs: Dogs find objects that are lost at a distance
  • Teach dogs to protect their owners: Dogs bark and alert when they see unusual signs
  • Teaching attacking dogs : Training a dog to attack a target when assigned

How to teach dogs to protect the owner and attack has been shared in previous lessons. So in this article, we will not mention anymore.

Dog Training Sniffing

The ability to sniff is part of the dog’s instincts. In criminal movies and novels, the ability to “lead the nose” was a symbol of a professional dog.

The dog’s sense of smell allows it to detect and distinguish over 3,000 odors, slightly different at a fraction of a billion. (Source: wikipedia )

During the first training session, ask your dog to sit still and place a “target” in front of their nose. When you see the dog’s nose fluttering, it means that they have smelled and remembered that smell. Immediately assign the “find” command and reward the animal.

At the next training session, instead of immediately rewarding the dog of the item to look for. Hide it, right in front of the dog. Then, just ordered “find”. Repeatedly, simultaneously increasing the distance from the dog’s position.

Once the dog has mastered it, we will move on to the next step. Repeat as above but we do not let the dog see the trace process. Usually, we will let the dog smell things in one room and hide things in another room.

Try to act as fast as possible because the dog does not remember the smell long. Be patient and observe it (if the dog is disoriented).

As a final step, dog training will take place outdoors. You can temporarily blindfold the dog so that the process is not detected. More advanced exercises simply increase the search scope, waiting time.

What is a good professional dog?

If the guard dog has low requirements, almost any dog ​​can respond. The training of hunting dogs and training of professional dogs have certain breed requirements. If the breeding process is not good, you will need a lot of training time.

Pitbull is the top species on this list. The strength of Pitbull is bodybuilding, superior strength plus sharp and extremely strong teeth. Currently, the number of people who raise Pitbull to keep houses and property.

It would be a great mistake, if we didn’t mention Becgie . In the eyes of many, every professional dog is a Becgie. Becgie’s advantages are big appearance, muscularness and toughness, durability, and great endurance.

In addition, the nose is also an excellent plus of Becgie. They are an important companion when seeking medicine or rescuing.

Hopefully through this article, you have an overview of how to train a professional dog

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