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Protect The Health Of Your Family.


  • Removes 99% Of Bacteria – Protect The Health Of Your Family
  • Say Bye To Dirt And Smell
  • Perfect for All Washers On The Market
  • Hands-off Solution – Allows You To Make The Housework More Convenient And Simple
  • Extend Your Washer Life – Save Money
Shocking Proof of Dirty Grime Lingering in Our Washers

A lot of us think that water and soap is enough to keep our clothes neat and clean… What they don’t know is that nasty bacteria, dirt, mold and grime keep on growing that goes unnoticed and makes your cloth stink!

Experts believe that percentage of bacteria that infests a regular household washing machine is a shocking 81.3% which is alarming!

There are people who believe that the bleach is the solution to this problem. What they don’t realize is that bleach only cleans the surface of the washing machine. It is not capable of providing a deep cleansing to the machine that rids it of all the residue and bacteria.

Some people try changing their fabric softener or detergent to fight the bacteria but that is useless as they don’t have the power to kill dirt, grime, mold, and most importantly bacteria. You can give a shot to home remedies like baking soda and vinegar but nothing compares to the Triple Active Oxygen Decontamination Complex by the Wash Matrix.


Every year a lot of people suffer from skin diseases. There can be many reasons for skin disease but the primary reason is bacteria. Modern research has shown that most of the bacteria are carried on clothes. The question arises, “where is the source of this bacteria?

The answer is the Washing machine! Yes, the washing machine used for cleaning clothes breeds and passes bacteria to the clothes. The disease-causing bacteria grow inside the damp washing machine environment and the ordinary detergents cannot do anything to destroy or remove it! The strong chemicals present inside the detergent are not only ineffective in killing the bacteria but also harmful to the skin.

Since then, a lot of work has been done in developing a product that kills 99% bacteria without exposing the user to harmful chemicals. After many years of research and development, the perfect product was created that could destroy bacteria and is completely safe. Our mission is to create awareness and bring hope to the people who are suffering from skin diseases and those who want to prevent them. We aim to bring a powerful product that is easy to use in everyone’s reach. This can only be done by destroying the bacteria at its source, the washing machine!


Strong Decontaminant cleaner

Make your washing more efficient and safer. Wash warrior tablets are stronger than every other cleaner, easy to use, and instantly removes any bacteria and odor that is causing residue.

Clean and Scrub Your Washing Machine with Ease

Using the triple active oxygen decontamination process, you are guaranteed to kill of 99% of the bacteria in your washing machine.

Easy to use

Wash warrior tablets are super easy to use. Just place one tablet in the machine and select the mode to “spin+rinse” or “clean washer”. With in no time, your machine will be bacteria free. Experience bacteria free laundering and cleaning.

Best for your clothes
WASH MATRIX™ is suitable for all kind of fabrics. The complex formula ensures protection of the protection and preserves its life.
  • Hands-Off Solution
  • Removes Dirt And Residue
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Kills 99.99% Bacteria
  • Use Of Hands Creating Mess
  • Incomplete Cleaning
  • Plastic Residue Might Remain
  • Doesn’t Remove Bacteria

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Sparkling Washer
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“The tablets to clean the washer worked very well. There was no residue.”

Carol A. - Tucson, United States
Nice Job
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“I'm sold. We have a new monthly easy way of cleaning our washing machine. Thanks.”

Howard B. - Melbourne, Australia
Superb results
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“Appreciate the new clean odor inside my wash tub!!”

Roberta L.. - Tucson, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it can! Wash Matrix™ is safe to use with Front Load Washing Machines and Top Load Washing Machines – High Efficiency (HE) and Conventional Washers. Wash Matrix™ is also septic tank safe.

We recommend using 3 tablets the first week (1 tablet every 2 days) on a regular cycle if the washer has never been deep cleaned before in order to get rid of all the buildup. After completing this phase, or if the washer has already been deep cleaned, we recommend 1 tablet every two weeks for maintenance.

Yes it can! Thanks to its triple active oxygen decontamination complex, Wash Matrix™ rapidly penetrates and disintegrates all dirt while suppressing 99% of bacteria in the washing machine including that in the rubber and drawer.

The E-Book will be sent to the email address you used to place your order few minutes after successful payment.

Due to high order volume and the situation with COVID-19, shipping times are extended.

Usually your order will arrive in 8-16 days but in some cases it may take up to 25 days.

Wash Matrix™ is carefully formulated to ensure all dirt and buildup is broken down enough to go through the drain effortlessly so we don’t have to worry about any clogged drains.


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