Bohemian style is inspired by nomadic people, gans with free lifestyle without any formal rules. Their lifestyle is artistic, they like rock music and put their needs and passions first.

They often held campfires, outdoor parties, and danced and sang together. It is the liberal lifestyle that also affects the way the bohemian people dress. So they like to wear outfits that are spacious and a little bohemian.

Recently, the former bohemian style has blown into modern life the wind of freedom, wild and charming. If you are a girl who loves liberal freedom then read the article below.

  1. Necklace

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The bohemian fashion style has a lot of highlights and is more recognizable with other trends. Fringed costumes, aboriginal motifs, suede material, headbands, wide-brimmed hats, or braided or wavy, curly hair are the hallmarks of this wild style.

When it comes to bohemian, we can not help but mention the colorful and fancy jewelry with many colorful bracelets. These accessories are made from metal, painted wood, suede or colorful fabric braided. However, the dominant color of these jewels is still turquoise as the main color.

  1. Rings and bracelets

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Hands for those who love bohemian style are very focused because it is an integral part of the overall outfit. The fingers will be decorated with many rings, usually stone rings or carved into soft curving shapes that hug your fingers.

As for bracelets usually made of metal or leather strap, the color is quite diverse and colorful. The colorful design of the bracelets will make her arms truly outstanding and attractive.

  1. Hair accessories

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Hair is a very important part for girls and also the final detail to perfect bohemian style. Girls who are passionate about this style often wear long, thick, naturally curly hair or curl into gentle waves. With this hair, they should dotted on small soft and floating curls by colorful accessories. An indispensable accessory to help the hair of bohemian girls is a headband with sparkling colorful stones.

Above are accessories to help create a bohemian style, hoping to help her always radiant and shine!

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