Understanding, Mix & Match Bohemian Style

Understanding, Mix & Match Bohemian Style

Bohemian style appeared more than 200 years ago as a way for each person to show their freedom and full of loving life.


Bohemian is a word derived from the French language, bohémien, an idiom referring to wandering nomadic people in Europe. Bohemian style was inspired by nomadic outfits, with sweeping skirts, loose-fitting curls and flower headwear. They are said to be aspirators of freedom, wanting to break the rules and boundaries of society.

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The Bohemian trend emerged more than 200 years ago, once considered a somewhat sarcastic fashion style when stylish girls, having a prosperous life in a sloppy flower dress to resemble nomadic people, poor people and absolutely no fashion concept. Bohemian fashion represents the most liberal and liberal we've ever seen, often accompanied by earth tones such as brown, denim, burgundy or green from plants. And of course, it is impossible to ignore textured costumes, because they possess the spirit of Bohemian with floral motifs or animals stylized on the background of blouse, tunic or maxi dresses.

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You've probably heard of the famous "boho-chic" fashion concept in the early 21st century and it is still lasting today. Boho-chic evokes the image of a lovely girl in a soft skirt with frills of lace, their faces full of energy and dancing and singing on nomadic fields or street corners singing in the flooded streets. sunny. However, people only really knew the concept of Bohemian style fashion in the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

19th century: the appearance of BOHEMIAN style

From the 1848s Bohemian idioms have appeared. At that time, the Bohemian people were the ones who chose a simple lifestyle, denying the lavish lifestyle of the emerging bourgeoisie.

Bohemian-style women are often liberal and free in dress. They chose to wear loose, flowing long skirts with striking colors dyed and hand-painted motifs. The freedom of comfort is expressed both in saying “no” to the brace and they do not earnestly corset hug the chest. A typical example of Bohemian woman in this period is Jane Morris, the muse of artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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In the 20th century, the Bohemian movement had a small branch called boho-chic, inspired by the hippie lifestyle in the 1960s. Hippie culture was especially emphasized in the 1960s because it encouraged peace. to increase the use of clean energy and support the gender revolution.

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Steve Nick was seen as a symbol of Bohemian style in the 70s. "Queen Rock'n'Roll" was once aroused the hearts of many fans of the same time by an image of the goddess duod, shining on the stage with naturally frizzy hair, slender long dresses, thin scarves with feathers or embroidered motifs.cher ellevietnam 490x700 1


While bohemian is favored for its casual outfits, wearing a maxi dress on a daily basis can be a hassle. The new trend in recent years is to combine some basic elements of boho such as thin fabric, comfortable form with high skirts or shorts.

Boho-chic can be considered as the most modern variation of Bohemian fashion. It is a unique combination of style, just a little hippie, country, nomadic but still has something old in the past.

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2013 can be said to be the most influential bohemian fashion style in the 21st century when a series of popular fashion shows from fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent … Nomadic, free hippie inspiration on the catwalk.


Bohemian is not only a combination of texture items, but also requires sophistication and aesthetics to bring a great Bohe look to the wearer. The following tips will help you easily transform and renew your daily Bohemian style.

  • Wear clothes made from natural materials such as linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, fur, leather, denim, cotton …
  • Choose a variety of patterns, which are layered
  • Put on your shoes with confidence, flat-bottomed gladiators, ropes or high heels, flat instead of high heels
  • Match outfits with accessories like bracelets, eyeglasses, necklaces, big earrings, hair bands or a hair band

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  • Make friends with the natural colors, but also do not forget to mix with 1-2 striking colors to make the outfit more impressive
  • Do not combine more than 4 items in a set if your outfit is not really eye-catching. Combine colors such as black, gray, beige or brown, accentuated with gold, purple, red and bloody jewels
  • Select floral, diagonal, brocade motifs inspired by the high mountains; Free patterns are a mix of old and new styles
  • The makeup with earthy and nude orange will bring a perfect Bohemian appearance

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The Bohemian girls stand out in the crowd thanks to a brilliant appearance thanks to the creativity in the arrangement and the spirit of liberalism, dare to be different from the common standards of fashion in contemporary society. To accomplish that, the fashion wardrobe of a genuine Bohemian girl is indispensable:


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The quickest way to have a trendy Bohemian look is to "pair" shorts, skirts or maxi dresses with sexy crochet tops, combined with eye-catching big accessories. (England: Spelldesigns)

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For girls who love femininity, softer, Tunic shirt will be a great item. Although no longer in her "golden age", but in the 19th, 20th or beyond in medieval Rome, no girl did not own a tunic dress in her closet.

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Denim is the material that best fits any style, and Bohemian is no exception. The combination of embroidered denim jacket and jean shorts makes the outfit more youthful and dynamic.

2. Shoes

gladiator sandals

Gladiators are shoes born like for Bohe style. They are light, strong and do not lack fashion.


Coarse loafers or brown or cowhide leather boots are also the perfect choice for women bohemian style.

3. Accessories

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Seagrass hats, wide-brimmed hats and fedora have always been Boho's favorite items.

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Turban is useful with the "3 in 1" function when it can be used to tie a hair, put a headband around or forehead


Referring to the Bohemian style, stars may lack jewelry accessories: bracelets, necklaces made of copper and gold; sometimes attach rudimentary stones. In particular, they must be worn "thick" to bring an original Boho inspiration.

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