The jewelry makes bohemian style

The jewelry makes bohemian style

Bohemian is a fashion style inspired by the nomadic community, the digan with the characteristic of free lifestyle, now and then, without following a pattern. The bohemian people have an artistic lifestyle, they listen to rock music, put their needs and passion above all, they also know how to enjoy life by campfire nights, outdoor parties, conversation, dancing and singing. Thought greatly influenced the way the bohemian people dress. They usually wear loose clothes and have a bit of a bohemian look. Over the past 200 years, the bohemian people have blown into modern life, blowing into the fashion industry the wind of freedom, wild and charming.

1. Necklace

Bohemian is a fashion style with many prominent features that are easy to identify with other trends. It is shaped by fringed outfits, aboriginal motifs, suede material, headbands, wide-brimmed hats, or curly or wavy curls. Especially mentioning bohemian cannot help mentioning the colorful and unique jewelry. Few fashion styles use a lot of bohemian jewelry. Typically these items are made of metal, painted wood, suede or colorful fabric braided but still take turquoise as the dominant color. Let's first take a look at some of the characteristic bohemian necklaces!

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              The large, turquoise necklace design is characteristic of bohemian jewelry.

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The necklace is not compact at all, sometimes a bit long down the chest and often with more details leather strap or suede.

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            The necklace is most likely a combination of chains and coins.

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2. Rings and bracelets

Those who pursue bohemian style, the hands are especially focused, it is an inseparable part of the overall outfit. Strictly speaking, the fingers will be adorned with many rings, most of which are stone faces or carved into soft winding shapes that hug the fingers. For bracelets can be made of metal or leather strap, the color is quite diverse and showy.

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3. Hair accessories

Hair is one of the final details to complete the bohemian style. Girls in this style often have long, thick, naturally curly hair or curls into gentle waves, sometimes with small braids curling behind the waves of soft, bobbing hair. And an indispensable accessory to help her hair decorated more splendid is the headband with sparkling colorful stones.

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