Shaping hippie style: Liberal, free, mysterious

Liberal, irregular, nomadic, and bubbly are the words that describe the hippie style. Hippie was “revived” spectacularly in modern fashion.

We have heard about Hippie for a long time and understand that Hippie is a different person, with loose hair, somewhat eccentric and rebellious. But Hippie is not only that, it is a cultural trend, a lifestyle that originated in Europe and America in the mid-1960s.

Hippie fashion is seen as the era of Art Deco design, with a bit of liberty and freedom, sometimes wild and mysterious.

Costume with bold floral print

Hippie fashion is a land of diverse colors, cutting lines to exaggerate the shape and the intricate prints. The bold floral motifs are a symbol of the hippie movement as they represent peace and love. Clothes, skirts, jumpsuits and dresses are decorated with bold floral prints from head to toe.

This bold floral print is still popular to this day with highly applicable variations, creating a feminine and gentle look that women can wear for everyday wear. and go to a party.

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Flared jeans

Jeans are a common outfit in Hippie fashion, this is the most common type of pants. The torn jeans, dusty, saggy pants, flared sleeves, fringed fringes, decorated with lots of patches, all are fascinated by Hippie people besides the large waistband type.

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Influenced by some Indians, Hippie accessories are also wild and natural with textured turban scarves, paisley printed square scarves, headband bangs, flattened beads. colors of plastic, leather straps with an old pendant, rattles on the ankles, bird feathers, wide-brimmed hats, old lady glasses (with small or round rectangular frames), or Indian, Mexican or Moroccan silver jewelry with the symbol of peace, fists or yin and yang, etc. Simplicity is the theme of Hippie culture, the beauty of nature is the endless inspiration of Hippie so the part Their big jewels are hand made and carry colorful nature.

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Fringed style

From jeans, jackets to accessories such as bracelets, bags … tassels have become an indispensable highlight of fashion followers influenced by the hippie movement.

But with the change over the years, fringed style gradually rose to become one of the trends that many modern fashion followers love around the world.

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Round-rimmed glasses

Round-rimmed eyeglasses are the style of sunglasses inspired by the hippie lifestyle that have returned and “swept” every wardrobe of fashion followers this summer. If the previous round frame glasses were quite

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simple and few colors, the return this time marks a new face of the colorful plastic or metal round rimmed glasses, giving you a look out of fashion, personality.

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