Baby Room Murals Helps Baby help children be smarter and more active

Baby Room Wall Paintings help children be smarter and more active

One parent wants to give the best to their little children. They Desire for children to have good conditions to develop early. Therefore, children's living space is an important environment for children development. So how to give your baby a private space that they love, creative creativity to develop in the most comprehensive way. A great suggestion for parents is the murals for the baby's room. But you do not know how to choose a painting pattern to help your baby develop his brain? The following article will suggest parents to choose the right picture for their best development!

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1. How to choose a suitable decorative picture for baby room

Choosing wall murals for baby rooms is very important. It affects to baby’s emotion and feelings. If It is a right choice, it will help your baby develop very well but it wrong, it will bring negative results for the baby. Here are the ways to choose murals for baby' room, so note:

Choose a picture according to your baby's preference:

Parents should depend on their baby's preference to choose a room murals for their baby.

  •  Your favorite color?
  • What animal does the baby like?
  • What does your baby like in textures?
  •  Does your child like to play any sport? Or who is your favorite character?

Parents should ask the above questions when choosing a picture to decorate baby rooms.

Hanging pictures suit the room's color:

Each room will have a different layout. The selection of content canvas painting should be based on the colors and layout available in the nursery. A beautiful picture only when it really harmonizes with the surrounding space.


You can choose from a variety of topics such as landscapes, cartoons, toys, and so on. Each type of painting will suit a specific space. Combine baby's hobbies and room colors to choose the right picture.

To understand more about the color combination, read on below !!

Choose by gender of baby:

  • Paintings for boys' room:

If your baby is a boy, you should choose blue, gray and white color paintings, not too many colors and textures. The paintings decorating the boy's room often have car pictures, favorite cartoon characters, toys, animals,…

  • Hanging pictures of girls' room

And if your baby is a girl, the paintings have many feminine colors such as pink, yellow, red, purple,… The decoration of the girl's room is like a flower, animals, cartoon characters worth to love.

Should use a picture or a single picture?

First of all, you should see the size of your baby's bedroom to choose a picture or a single picture. If the room is modest, single painting is the best option. Single paintings have advantages of compact, easy to move, suitable for small walls. Another advantage is that make the room feel larger when choosing a suitable size.

With a larger space, Set of paintings are the perfect choice. Painting will have more details put together will create eye-catching and more attractive. It Make your child enjoy exploring more.

Choose hanging paintings with high durability:

On the current market, there are many lines of paintings with many designs and different quality such as: oil paintings, reliefs, rice paintings, embroidery paintings, canvas paintings, … In which, canvas paintings are known as a modern paintings lines is the most affordable and durable. You should choose a picture that is printed with good ink to keep the color durable. Cheap paintings will fade quickly, causing loss of aesthetics. Endurance is an important factor in choosing a mural.

The color gamut in selecting wall paintings for baby rooms is important

There are many scientific studies that prove that color and layout of the bedroom have a great influence on the formation and development of personality and thinking ability of children. This is a big matter that parents are interested in decorating the baby's bedroom. Especially young mothers with modern scientific thinking.

So, what is color and how does it affect a child's development? How to decorate a baby's room with wall murals to help children develop optimal thinking?

Following a most common concept, color is the sensation brought to the human nervous system from the signal combination of color receptors in the eye. When the white light flows through the sun prism, it is separated into 7 colors including: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. These colors are divided into 3 main colors which are hot, cold and neutral colors. These three colors affect the human brain in two main directions, positive and negative.

Parents can take advantage of this point to decorate and adjust the color distribution in the bedroom so that the child can develop the best in terms of intellectual thinking and personality according to the following suggestions:

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1. Use hot colors

Hot colors will stimulate the curiosity, easily attract the attention of children and help the room become warm and friendly.

Orange can easily adjust psychologically and soothe a child's anger with a sense of warmth and lightness. Red increases the dynamism and excitement of children. Yellow makes you feel happy and full of energy, creating a happy atmosphere and help children develop perseverance.

Pink – a symbol of love and affection, creating a sense of lightness and relaxation. However, these colors also have negative consequences if overused. The room is too pink for children to be easily agitated or depressed.

 Too much red makes children aggressive, too much orange can bring illusion… That's why you need to combine hot colors with simple furniture and many other neutral colors.

Absolutely, do not paint the whole room or a large wall with hot colors. You can hang vivid pictures. With lots of cute pictures or nature paintings to neutralize colors creating a harmonious space suitable for children's development.

2. Use cool colors:

The cold colors often bring children a sense of peace, relaxation for the body and mind. However, if you use too many shades. The room will become gloomy, lifeless, which is undoubtedly a bad influence on the child's development.

Opposite to red, blue brings quietness and elegance to the room.This helps reduce anxiety and inhibit violent behaviors of children. On the negative side, too much exposure to this color will lead to depression.

However, you can choose the pictures of childhood themes, also with cool colors but designed with funny, lovely, lively cartoon characters that will surely bring excitement to the baby. .

Symbolizes nobility and elegance, associated with wisdom and spirit. Purple brings calm and warmth to the baby. However, this room with too many colors will cause visual fatigue and even dizziness. Like other cold colors.

Brown is one of the choices for decorating baby rooms. Because it brings a friendly, close and warm to the baby, but if you use too much brown, your imagination and ability to work independently and creativity will be greatly reduced.

Vibrant flower paintings with colorful furniture. Hot colors will help the room more harmonious if you choose cold colors as the dominant color.

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3. Neutral color

This color should only be used to harmonize other colors, not the main color. Because young children need to be exposed to a variety of colors to stimulate vision, creativity and positive thinking.

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