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Osteoarthritis pain in young people can alert many health problems

 For a long time, many people mistaken for osteoarthritis disease is a disease of middle-aged, elderly people, heavy laborers. In fact, the disease is taking place complex among young people.

1. What is osteoarthritis pain?

Osteoarthritis pain is due to aging over time, the disease usually appears in the age of 45-50 years or older. The pain is not only due to the change of weather, sitting, wrong working posture … but also a sign of dangerous osteoarthritis diseases that need to be detected early to prevent risks of disabled.

Nowadays, with developing of modern life, this disease appears in both young people with increasing numbers. The reason is sitting in the wrong posture, being inactive, sitting long times … There are modern habits making osteoporosis more and more common. The initial symptoms of disease such as neck pain, pain heel pain, joints pain when the weather changes will lead to pain.


Shoulder and neck pain is one of the signs of osteoarthritis

2. Osteoarthritis pain is a sign of many diseases

When you have some signs of osteoarthritis, you need to go to a medical facility with specialized osteoarthritis specialist for examination. Through the biochemical tests of CRP, RF … hematology and immunity (Anti-CCP), radiography of the joints … the doctor will have basis of accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, with useful advice for you. Some conditions can put you at risk for prolonged joint pain and aggravation, such as:


Osteoarthritis results in damage to the knee cartilage and subchondral cartilage, causing to swelling, inflammation, and reduced knee joint fluid. When your knee joint is degenerated, the cartilage layers are damaged, the bone axis is bent inward. Patients will feel extremely painful when cartilage wear and tear can not cover the entire bone, causing rubbing between the femur and tibia.

However, we need to distinguish between osteoarthritis pain from osteoarthritis and other osteoarthritis diseases. The difference is based on the pain of the disease. The pain of osteoarthritis will increase every time the person is active, and the changing weather also increases the pain. In particular, patients will exhibit stiffness every morning after waking up, but will return to normal after a few minutes of exercise. When cartilage and joint degeneration will limit movement, deformation of the joints, even the risk of disability.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis causes to aches and pains, accompanied by stiff knuckles in the morning, lasting over 1 hour. Moving and living are very difficult and limited. If It was not treated early, the disease will destroy the articular cartilage and subchondral bone, cause deformed joints, lose the ability to work and increase the risk of disability.


This is a common disease and is common among young people due to modern life, which involves working parties, meeting friends. Gout is a disease caused by a disorder of purine metabolism in the body caused when the body has too much protein.

The pain caused by gout will make the patient unbearable, which can be accompanied by high fever, headache, fatigue. Pain is common in the toe joints, ankles, knees, and hand joints accompanied by swelling, heat.

When moving into the chronic phase, the joints can be permanently deformed, tumors grow around the joints, the ears, under the skin, swelling on the hands, feet.


Osteoporosis is known as a pain bone, resulting to weakened bone, which is easy to break. Osteoporosis also gradually decreases the height of the body with the feeling of lumbar pain or spread to one or both sides along with spastic muscles along the spine, muscle tremor when changing positions.


Osteoarthritis is common in the hip, spine and knee joints. The disease is caused by the TB germ, the bigger the joints, the more weight you have, the higher your risk for TB, most commonly the hip, spine and knee joints.

Osteoporosis X-ray

Osteoporosis makes bones weak, very easy to break

3. Prevention of osteoarthritis pain

In order not to create conditions for developing dangerous diseases of the joints, every person, the old and the young should be aware of prevention, because prevention is better than cure.

Exercise, physical activity helps muscles and bones stronger: Go swimming, cycling, walking, nourishing …

The best posture for joints is standing upright, avoiding lying down, climbing stairs, sitting for long periods, standing in one place causing stagnation of blood circulation and stiffness. When sitting at work, your back should be straight, not squatting.

In addition, you should limit vigorous exercise, avoid gaining weight fast and always take advantage of vitamin D in the early sunshine.

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