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What is my mother's gift for the day?

What is my mother's gift for the day?

my mother's gift -

Think about what your mother like but don't have for work, because the time is so busy, because mother have to take care of everyone in the family so she still don't have the opportunity for yourself.

Think about the woman in your life and see the following suggestions:

1. Create a photo book to store memories

Review memories is a very meaningful job in Mother's Day.With an album, you can create and design them with your own mark, but make sure that the album has photos that your mother likes.Old photos that she haven't had a long time to see is an important part of this "project". Decorated around the photo are witty, affectionate comments, funny short stories attached to the photo memories. How warm your mother feels.

2. A meaningful video

The whole family made a short video for her. Be creative and unique! Old friends will tell impressive stories, happy memories about their mother, in addition to old photos on the music background is a song that my mother likes very much, let's create a smart, hilarious film making crew, rhythm, full of love of the whole family for mother. If you want to show your love to your mother, please send it in this short video, she will feel it right away.

3. A real "breather" day!

Your mother must subject to stress from to job, care for family join in social activities, so she needs relax a moment stay at home. But why not a day so refurbish the appearance? Don't try to beg your mother to let her face massage because she may misunderstand that she is old. Think of a way that can make your mother feel comfortable, like a hair dressing appointment, a head massage, a full body or even a day at a fun exercise tool so she can forget all the daily tiredness.

4. A dinner luxuriour

With them in the family to do all the work in the family, from moving house, gardening, washing clothes ... then, choose a mother restaurant like, the whole family will have a meal respect, review old days, past funny things to make she feel like an important figure. In addition, you can buy a pair of tickets for art shows such as concerts, photo exhibitions, etc. Give yourself a big smile when you give it to mom!

5. Sign up for an extracurricular class

Did your mother often sing or dance while working? If yes, maybe she wants to attend extracurricular classes but because she is too busy, she has not had time and do not know where to register. Look for a reliable center, a small class for your mother to feel comfortable in case she is suppressed by the crowd. Meet the person in charge first to make sure your mother will have effective lessons. Of course, there should be gifts as if you learn how to draw, you will give a pencil, paper, and paint colors for painting.

6. Valuable jewelry

if your mother has a hobby is jewelry, giving her gold jewelry will definitely be a great and perfect choice. 750-8k  gold jewelry will be highlighted about the beauty be like the luxury of her

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