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What is canvas painting - how is the painting material?

What is canvas painting - how is the painting material?

Painting canvas is a line of high-tech prints. Painting printed on canvas - also known as burlap, printed by digital inkjet printer with specialized ink.

About printed fabrics:

  • Canvas printed canvas is Canvas or burlap fabric originated from horizontal, light, and durable cotton natural fibers. Fabrics are typically white but not white as fabrics treated with detergents.
  • This is a fabric used by artists to paint. It is also a specialized material for painting because it has ink absorbing characteristics combined with printing techniques to create beautiful images, clear and outstanding colors.

About device to print pictures:

  • To upload pictures for Canvas paintings. Place of production uses inkjet printers and specialized inks such as Dye, Pigment, Ecosolvent. These inks have many advantages, of which the biggest advantages are: beautiful colors, help print on standard colors, sharp images.

Is Canvas material durable or not?

  • Canvas paintings are extremely water resistant. External paintings are hung in the house, they are hung outdoor display decorations with the ability to withstand sun, rain, ... without being affected to the quality of paintings.
  • Canvas paintings do not need protective glass, but abrasion resistance is extremely effective, so when you hang it you don't need to be too worried about storage during use.
  • According to the opinions of customers who have used canvas paintings to decorate, the time of using the paintings when following in the family space up to more than ten years and still retain the sharpness of the image.
  • Picture frame is made of pine wood with effective termite resistance, very light weight. Frame framing is made of composite resin that is not abrasive by weather, so it has a very long use value.
  • Thus, canvas paintings are the best choice for long-term decoration of your home.

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