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The stones are suitable for making jewelry and gifts

The stones are suitable for making jewelry and gifts

stones are suitable for making jewelry -


Ancient Greeks called the Amethyst amethyst means not drunk. This is one of the variants of quartz is said to help relieve the stress make mental focus and mental balance.

Today purple quartz stone not only makes jewelry, but also is popular in yoga rooms, because they help the practitioner to concentrate highly, reduce suspense, headache …

Your gift for mom

White quartz.

White quartz includes many shades based on different physical properties such as colorless transparent milky white. Transparent type, also known as quartz crystal symbol of purity in the morning.

In feng shui concepts white quartz capable of emitting energy sources makes it possible yin yang spirit rotation increases gas resources is good for the user. Should these rocks are often used to make bracelets or necklaces worn chest orbs to dispel tension fatigue and bring good luck.


Emerald with the scientific name emerald is known as the "queen of gems". Dark green of emeralds formed from small amounts of chromium and vanadium minerals in beryl crystals. Emerald is a symbol of love and luck. It is used against negative energy to keep your body achieve equilibrium physical and mental feelings.

Imitation marble

Marble is one of rocks most popular feng shui in the East, especially China, and Vietnam. Rock composed of extremely small particles and fibers to stick together. We have a much lower hardness as diamond gemstones sapphire ruby ​​topaz quartz but through structural strength, micro fiber and seeds. Thanks to this property it is possible to cut the marble into very thin pieces and manipulated many different jewelry items like pendants special feng shui jade bracelet is very popular. Easterners conception of marble can help people improve health support to prevent and treat the diseases related to the digestive system the toxins from the body reduces the abdominal pain in women in those days " red lights "...

Ruby stone

Ruby also known as ruby ​​is derived from the Latin "rubens" meaning red. Rocks formed deep in the earth through many complex geological conditions and should bring in their long-term energy sources and highly flexible. This is one of 4 gems head in all kinds of stone symbolizing luck power of freedom and fun. Oriental people believe that red is a symbol of good luck and success goodness.

imitation marble

Many people also bring the concept closer to the heart stones make love more salt concentration. Therefore we also become meaningful gift in celebration of 15 years or 40 years of wedding couples.

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