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Journey of the Stone Bead

Journey of the Stone Bead

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Let me inform you of the journey of the stone bead from the mine to the string. Firstly the interpret miner discovers a likable stone. He then will get some gear and begin to dig the stone by hand or machine.

Many of the African stone is dug by hand. They can not be dynamited as a result of the stone would get so badly fractured and this could make it unsuitable for making beads. It's then transported to the market place by automobile and boat to the factories.

Stone necklace

On the manufacturing facility the employees will minimize the stone in slabs. Every slap is then minimize into slices, the slices are then minimize into cubes. The cubes are then facetted or made spherical with various levels of sprucing stones. The method of getting a excessive polish from a stone may contain 3-Four totally different sprucing compounds and every week or two in time.


The stones beads are then classed and drilled and strung. There are not any mass manufacturing akin to with glass or plastic beads. There are not any fast processes. It at all times takes time. That's the reason stones are treasured above all else. Good stone are scarce and provide can be restricted. Stone provide will be erratic.

Stone is purchased in tons after which exported to the stone factories. When a container arrives there may be plenty of this stone in circulation for some time after which the availability dries up because the stone is all labored into beads. The perfect stone at all times command a excessive worth. Kunzite, charroite and different uncommon beads are offered by gram and will be very costly.

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