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60's  Fashion Hippie Boho Style Jewelry Clothe  for Women

60's Fashion Hippie Boho Style Jewelry Clothe for Women

hippie hipster style -

The 1960s saw not only the rise of the Mob, but also the movement of hippie culture and fashion.

Not just a fashion statement, hippie or hippie is a name for a cultural movement originating in America, then spread throughout the West in the mid-1960s.

A part of young people became discontented with contemporary social norms, with the middle class being dominated by material and oppressive ideas. They oppose war, promote peace, tolerance and charity. The famous quote: "Make love, not war" from here too.

It was an entirely new flow of culture during that time. Hippie youths live in communities, fasting with unprocessed food. Hippie followers want to stay away from society, without the need for work. There are also some who set up small businesses to serve the hippie community. Astrology and hypnosis also bind to the hippie believers at that time.

Hippie necklace

This unthinking and rebellious mindset has strongly influenced how hippie dresses. The hippie style is the most radical and most radical revolution of modern fashion.

Bearded men prefer to keep their hair long and natural, wearing sandals and flat shoes like women. Hippie wearers often recycle old clothes, dress themselves in a braid-like ribbon to wool and a woolly vest. Their costumes are made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Dresses, dresses, and patches of fabric are very popular in hippie fashion because they are made from the reuse of existing fabric rather than spending money to enrich the designers.

Hippie fashion shows through the fabric embroidery, handmade embroidery, flared jeans, maxi dress, peasant dress (in the chest and spread out from the chest), things made of blue denim, fabric dyes, vests, tassels, etc. Patterns such as paisley, op-art, and vivid prints are hallucinogenic and often appear on hippie outfits.

Popular accessories are strings of beads, ribbons, paisley patterned napkins, old lady goggles (round or small rectangles), Indian silverware, Mexican or Moroccan, necklace with Peace symbol, fist or yin and yang ...

Today, hippie fashion has almost no distinction with bohemian and gypsy. All are just a casual style of dress with spacious dresses that comfortably evoke romantic, mysterious and wild nomads.

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