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Planning to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring? Read this!

Planning to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring? Read this!

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Engagement rings are a vital side of each engagement at this time. They present your love to your bride-to-be, and that's the reason most individuals make investments closely in them. Diamond engagement rings are expensive, and if you're not cautious, you might get duped with a faux diamond. 

You should learn the next ideas earlier than making an knowledgeable buy. 

  1.   Perceive the 4Cs of shopping for Diamond rings

That is the very first tip when buying a diamond engagement ring. The 4Cs embrace;

  •   Colour: There are totally different grades for score diamond’s worth and its availability. Diamonds with a lesser shade are scarce to search out.
  •   Readability: Legit Diamond ought to be clear with none blemishes.
  •   Reduce: How the diamond is lower will decide how properly it shines. 
  •   Carat weight: The carat weight will decide the diamond’s dimension.

Understanding the 4Cs will assist ease your seek for an ideal diamond engagement ring by eliminating the diamonds with qualities you don’t want.

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  1.   Know the distinction between shapes, reducing kinds and lower high quality of diamond

Earlier than you set out to buy a diamond ring, take your time to grasp diamond shapes reducing methods and high quality. 

  • A diamond’s form is seen once you view it face up. Spherical is the commonest form, though there are different shapes like marquise, oval, sq., pear, and coronary heart. 
  • The reducing fashion is how its aspects are aligned. These kinds embrace the sensible lower which has about 57 aspects, the emerald lower (sq./rectangle), and a radiant lower. 
  • Reduce high quality is set by how properly the aspects shine once they come into contact with mild. 
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  1.     Rigorously choose the band

The sort of band and metallic you utilize for the engagement determines the general look of the ring. Many individuals choose platinum and white gold metals as a result of they provide a modern and trendy look. In addition they clearly present the diamond’s colorlessness announcing its high quality in line with the colour grades.

You also needs to guarantee that the metallic you choose doesn’t tarnish after a while. 

  1.   Choose setting

Setting in a diamond ring could be very essential because it highlights its magnificence and safety from harm. The well-known setting kinds embrace:

  •   Prong

With this fashion, the diamond is supported by Four to six prongs. That is sometimes called solitaire- prongs securing a single stone. This setting additionally has variations for extra safety of this stone.

  •   Halo

The central diamond stone is surrounded by tiny diamond peckles. The encompassing diamonds add a bit of sparkle to the ring.

  •   Bezel

On this fashion, the gem is surrounded by a skinny metallic strip to maintain it in place. It provides such wonderful safety to the diamond.

  1.   Facet stones

Facet stones are an excellent and excellent option to spotlight an engagement ring. They offer a sublime and easily refined look to the stone. You may go for diamond baguettes that are set on the other sides of the diamond, or channel setting. 

Discover the choices obtainable earlier than selecting one. 

Select aspect stones that mix properly with the middle diamond for look.

Choose stones

  1.   Observe the diamond underneath totally different lights

A diamond’s shade varies in several lighting circumstances. The aspects replicate mild of their surrounding, giving the totally different appears to be like. Because the aspects replicate mild, it produces mesmerizing views that you simply must see. 

You may strive viewing it within the pure daylight, in a subtle mild, and the place there's combined lighting. The place your bride-to-be will put on the ring more often than not may also assist you to determine the right diamond for her.

  1.   Select a diamond with essentially the most sparkle

Diamonds’ lower determines the flicker of the stone. As an illustration, these stones with equivalent shade and readability could have totally different sparkles on account of their totally different cuts. 

Go for one with a superb lower as it is going to sparkle extra. Facet stones and the variety of diamonds on the rig may also decide its sparkle.

  Select a diamond with essentially the most sparkle

  1.   Be conversant together with her fashion and desire

As a result of an engagement ring is ready to be worn every single day, the wearer ought to be pleased with it and will make her coronary heart rejoice. When searching for one, ensure you go for her style and never yours.

To get her style, you possibly can observe the sort of jewellery she wears, store collectively, and see the jewellery that pulls her consideration and even ask her pals about her desire.

  1.   Know her dimension

When shopping for the ring, it's worthwhile to know her dimension so you may get what suits her properly. You may decide this by utilizing an identical ring she wears or every other approach, however make sure that it stays a shock.

  1.   Decide your price range

The underside line stays you spend what you possibly can afford. You don’t should pay an arm and a leg on what you possibly can’t afford- like taking a mortgage all for an engagement ring. After rigorously studying the 4Cs, you’ll select a hoop that matches your price range and one which exhibits how a lot love you owe her.

  1.   Get a jeweler

To get worth to your money, get a jeweler that's excellent at what they're doing. You may search for suggestions from pals or GIA.


  1.   Ask for a grading report

Earlier than shopping for a hoop, a diamond grading report will assist clear the doubts out of your shopping for choice. There may be a variety of studies from GIA that may assist you to make an knowledgeable selection.

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