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Instructions for Choosing Canvas Paintings Size

Instructions for Choosing Canvas Paintings Size

Whether the purpose you want to find canvas paintings is to set up an exhibition gallery, hang office decoration, or simply buy it to hang a family photo, then choosing a size extremely important paragraph. It can greatly affect whether the decoration is beautiful or not. Too big, too small, too wide, or too high will easily ruin a space for painting. So before deciding to buy, you should take the time to consider to find the right size for the room. Below, Mopi will offer the most popular size options for canvas paintings. Let's find out!

30x40cm Canvas Painting

For ease of visualization, paintings with this size are equivalent to 2 sheets of A4 paper placed side by side. These paintings are very suitable for hanging in narrow spaces, making signboards for companies (note the function rooms, working hours information, rules, etc.).

Suitable for: Work desks, small walls, wall columns, small corridors, bookshelves

Canvas paintings 45x60cm or 40x60cm

This size painting is very popular for wall hanging. This type of painting is about twice as large as 30x40cm, very suitable for printing photos of office words, family photos, portraits.

Suitable for: Office wall, bedroom, kitchen, living room

Canvas paintings 30x30cm or 40x40cm

If rectangles are not your favorite choice, try innovating with square paintings. Square paintings can be used to print multiple photos close together and easy to decorate. You can put 1 × 3, 2 × 2 or 3 × 3. Each style is quite a popular style in painting art.

Suitable for: Living room wall, bedroom, kitchen room

Canvas paintings 50x70cm or 60x90cm

Perhaps a big and big picture will create a very strong impression wherever you hang it. Painting sentences of famous people you are most interested in? Art picture? Wedding photo? Or photo ... boss? You can hang this size picture alone on the wall, or you can combine it with other paintings. Each style will create a different style, as desired.

Suitable for: Office walls, bedrooms, living rooms

Canvas paintings 60x120cm or 80x120cm

Play is to play hard. Buying decorative paintings must be really outstanding decoration, right? These types of paintings are very suitable to hang landscape paintings, art paintings, or map paintings. Certainly with this type of painting, certain guests will not stop admiring your unique style. Painting is usually appropriate if the only picture is hung on the wall.

Suitable for: Bedroom walls, living rooms, wide corridor walls.

Layout combines different sizes of Canvas paintings

Hanging just one size is a fairly simple way, without having to spend a lot of thought. But if you want to "upgrade" the space to a new high floor, combining different sizes of painting creates a harmonious whole that will ensure an impression for anyone to see. To create a nice layout is not easy, it depends a lot on the size of the wall, and the number of paintings you want to hang. But Mopi can help you do it easily. Let's take a look at my brand pictures.

Suitable for: Every place desired.


Canvas paintings are an extremely reasonable alternative to classical glass frame paintings. Fabric material stretched over the wooden frame will turn a normal photo into a work of art. Moreover, with natural wood frame, canvas becomes much lighter than glass frame pictures, making it easier to move pictures when needed.


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