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Canvas Art Print led lights - Louvre Museum

Canvas Art Print led lights - Louvre Museum

Canvas paintings are creating a trend of new interior decoration in Vietnam when bringing a luxurious beauty with natural and natural images and color depth. More specifically, it is the canvas of led lights, the picture is beautiful and vivid when there are LED lights inside.

You want a luxurious living room - modern, you want a cozy dining room filled with joy with your family, you want a romantic bedroom or a room of your own style. painting canvas led lights - Louvre museum is a great choice for you.

Louvre Museum Led Canvas

Highlights Canvas canvas paintings - Louvre Museum

- Material: Canvas Fabric + MDF Wood (back side)

- Size: 60 x 40cm

- LEDs use 3 AA rabbit batteries

Products include:

- 1 canvas picture frame

- 1 remote control

- Pin pins hang paintings

Behind the picture is MDF wood, pre-cut hanging holes.

Canvas canvas LED lights use 3 AA rabbit batteries to light up the lights.

The advantage of Canvas fabric when painting is durability, very light weight, easy to clean and preserve.

Therefore, when decorating houses with canvas paintings you do not need the toilet too fussy, just a wet towel or a small capacity vacuum cleaner is enough to clean the painting easily.

Secondly, the brightness of canvas fabric is very low, so when printing on a digital inkjet machine, it will produce very realistic images, colors are harmonious and very sympathetic to the viewers.

And it is very important that Canvas Fabrics are made of pure natural materials, do not use detergents, so they are non-toxic and affect the health of users. That's great, isn't it !!

Canvas canvas picture - The Louvre museum shows up vividly at night with the exquisite LED lights arranged at the museum in the picture. The picture brings shimmering beauty, the night scene is no longer a frightening dark color but instead is a beautiful night view.

Painting on canvas is used to decorate bedroom, living room, office, office decoration ... Led canvas painting - Louvre museum is a unique and luxurious gift on the occasion of housewarming, declaration gifts, gifts for boss or relatives ...


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