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5 The idea of using a picture frame in combination with canvas paintings adorns the living space

5 The idea of using a picture frame in combination with canvas paintings adorns the living space

Taking advantage of the minimalism of the picture frame combined with canvas paintings and the sharp image quality on the canvas, refreshing the modern living space has never been so easy.

canvas paintings

Not as sophisticated as the other wall frames, the view points completely to the work in color. It seems that all the rules in the framework are broken, canvas paintings become full of inspiration, fully interacting with modern living space.

Picture frame is combined with modern paintings: modern living room wall paintings, bedroom paintings, kitchen paintings, baby room paintings, canvas paintings ...

First, the most basic display:

A single canvas frame. Wearing a casual style but never in a fad. A highlight that even space is overflowing in the main color tones of the work. Depending on the surrounding colors, we should choose the picture with the right main tone. Thus creating a harmonious contrast for space.

Canvas print

The second way is to use artistic canvas painting frames.

Bring a youthful tendency, the second way is much used in bedroom furniture for teenagers. Not "bulky" like pictures or too "raw" like regular posters. Textured canvas paintings certainly make young people excited.

Next are loose canvas paintings, divided into two lines:

improvised displacement paintings

Loose pictures and improvised displacement paintings. The similarity is that they are all in one body, which is part of a big picture. But arranged differently, the development of impromptu displacement painting is like a spill overflow. It is very difficult to force the attraction of these paintings.

Finally, vertical canvas frames, eliminating the emptiness of narrow walls.

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